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Lake Kashagawigamog is one of the largest lakes in the Haliburton area. It gets its name from the Native word for "long and winding waters." Sixteen km long and about one km wide, the lake is a very scenic lake for boat cruising.
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Since it is part of a chain of four other lakes including Head Lake on which the village of Haliburton is situated, boating is endless and even allows boat access to the public docks in town about 3 km away.
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A popular excursion for guests at Kashaga Lodge often includes a leisurely pontoon boat tour of the lake,
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with a stop-off in town for ice cream cones, lunch, window shopping, or even grocery shopping.

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Fishing for bass and muskie, and walleye in Lake Kashagawigamog is excellent especially at the north end where Kashaga Lodge is located.
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In the winter, this same part of the lake is one of the best areas in the Haliburton Highlands for catching walleye through the ice. Lake Kashagawigamog also has lake trout, but lakers are mainly fished five about kms down the lake where the depth is up to 120 ft. part.