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At Kashaga Lodge:

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At Kashaga Lodge, guests are encouraged to participate in any of the many activities available on the property.

Another decent walleye

During the summer months, fishing, fishing, and fishing have been the three most popular activities. There's good bass, walleye, and muskie fishing within sight of the cottages. Many decent bass have been caught right off the dock or by kids in paddle boats right in front of the cottages. Lodge guests are encouraged to practice "Catch and Release" angling. Bring your catch back to the Lodge alive, and get a digital photograph of your trophy taken before release, and printed the same day. For hardcore fishing, Kashaga Lodge can hook you up with a local guide who operates guided fishing for various species in several back lakes.

Swimming and just playing in the water or on the beach is probably the next most enjoyed activity. Toddlers seem to enjoy just getting wet without having to use soap, older kids seem to prefer cannonballing each other from the swim raft or trying their latest trick dive. The parents usually don't seem to care whether or not they get wet themselves, as long as the kids are having fun.

Paddle boats, canoes and a kayak are available for everyone to use, and fishing boats are available to rent

Haliburton Water Sports is a team of professional wakeboard and waterski instructors who will meet guests at the Kashaga Lodge dock, and give lessons to anyone from beginner to expert. They use the latest equipment including a new Mastercraft Tournament ski/wakeboard boat.

TRAILS...trails...trails: Just like it's neighbour Algonquin Park, most of the Haliburon area is remote wilderness, and next to Algonquin, no other region of Ontario has Haliburton's incredible variety of trail systems. And Kashaga Lodge is literally surrounded by trails right at its doorstep. For starters, Kashaga Lodge is right on the designated and mapped Burnt River Canoe Route. This extensive system is connected by a multitude of lakes and rivers which can take you 80 km from the village of Haliburton, through Lake Kashagawigamog, all the way to the town of Fenelon Falls. The route passes some of the most photographed waterfalls in Central Ontario. There are 14 short portages and the entire route can be paddled in about 2 1/2 days. A pleasant day-paddle would take you to the village of Kinmount. Kashaga Lodge guests who would like to do just the downstream direction of the route can arrange pick-up and return to their cottage by Lodge staff at various locations along the route.

ATVing is exploding in popularity in Ontario, and Kashaga Lodge has one of the best locations in Haliburton County for access to the Haliburton's extensive trail system. ATV'ers and mountain bikers might find the abandoned rail trails particularly interesting, as they can get you from town to town in a hurry, with the added pleasure of experiencing the Haliburton Highlands the way tourists in the thirties and forties used to view it by steam locomotive.

Other popular summer activities at the lodge include badminton, croquet, baseball, volleyball, bocce, horseshoes, and various other outdoor games that can be enjoyed on one of the large open areas. There is also a tee-off location right on the property that provides a golf shot to a "green" 100 yards away, great for practicing the short iron game. Guests are also welcome to bring their own boats, sailboards, kayaks, etc, and there is no docking fee. There are two docks and lots of shoreline for beaching a small boat.

Every cottage has its own picnic table, barbecue, and firepit with firewood. There are also large open grassy areas around each unit, so there is plenty of space to pitch a tent. Most kids seem to prefer sleeping in a tent to sleeping on a bed anyway, especially after a late night marshmellow roast. The lodge has only one loner tent so guests are encouraged to bring their own.

And don't forget the marshmellows!