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Heading out from Kashaga Lodge

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The town of Haliburton is the hub of the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association, the grandaddy of all snowmobile clubs in Ontario. Due in part to the elevation, the Haliburton Highlands has a reputation for getting snow sooner, and keeping it longer, than any other region in south-central Ontario. And KASHAGA LODGE is the closest cottage resort to the town of Haliburton., just 5 minutes by sled or car from fuel, restaurants, sled parts, groceries, beer and liquor stores, coffee shops, and banks. And the town of Haliburton prides itself in serving up old-fashioned hospitality.

Kashaga Lodge’s wide open spaces allow truck and trailer parking right beside your cottage, and sled parking at your door.


Haliburton County is legendary within Ontario for providing a unique snowmobiling experience for its visitors. Haliburton County’s southern border with Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes roughly defines the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. And the village of Haliburton is quite centrally located within this region of forests, lakes, streams, rock outcroppings, and breathtakingly beautiful vistas, all interconnected via trails, trails and more trails.
Kashaga Lodge is ideally located for sledders, less than a 5 minute snowmobile ride from the on the property hub of the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association trails where the famous Haliburton / Victoria railtrail from Lindsay, and the hydro cut trail from Algonquin Park converge right in the village of Haliburton. After a day on the trails, note that Kashaga Lodge is only a 3-minute sled-ride to the gas station, grocery store, and the Beer Store, (without running the road.) 2-bedroom cottage

At Kashaga Lodge, riders can park their trucks and trailers right beside their cottage, and park their sleds right by their deck. And Lake Kashagawigamog is 15 km long, and provides a natural winter “extension” of the lodge’s 5 acres.

From Kashaga Lodge there are two access routes to the trails; head out onto Lake Kashagawigamog, or cross the road to the power line trail. Either route gets you to town as well as the rest of the HCSA trail system. Some of the most scenic and varied sledding in Ontario starts from Haliburton. The quick way out This led to this-----------> of town is via the rail trail, but for those who would prefer to savour the forest landscapes of the unique Haliburton Highlands, the trails heading north or east out of town provide some of the most memorable riding in Ontario. Hardcore sledheads might want to try Haliburton through Algonquin Park to Whitney and return by way of Lake St Peter and Bancroft as a day loop. And the best part, the trails in this part of the Highlands are never abused by heavy traffic.

Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Centre, is a 50,000 acre Park bordering Algonquin Park which is open to snowmobilers. Every winter, enthusiasts come from as far away as Europe to experience the 300 km of extraordinary trails of the Haliburton Forest. This is the only trail system in Ontario which actually makes snow on the trails. It’s a 45 minute sled ride to the Haliburton Forest base camp from Kashaga Lodge, but the trails that lead there are almost as incredible as those of the Forest itself. Kashaga Lodge is one of the closest cottage resorts to the Forest.

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