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Welcome to Kashaga Lodge


How to get Here

View a larger version of our map to pick the best route from your starting point. Kashaga Lodge is on hwy #121, 4 1/2 km from the stoplights in the centre of the village Haliburton. There is a large lighted sign at the entrance to the property, and the office is at the bottom of the driveway beside the lake.

The route that is highlighted in red is the fastest route to Haliburton from the east side of the GTA, whereas the hwy #11 route to #118 east, is the preferred route from the western GTA. For those coming north on #35 , make sure you go through the 3 stoplights on #35 in Minden. The turnoff onto #121 to Haliburton is about 1 km after the third stoplight. (Note on the map that there is another #121 heading east from #35 from a point just south of Minden. DO NOT take this exit!)

Take your time, enjoy the scenery, and have a safe trip.