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Welcome to Kashaga Lodge


Back in the days of the steam engine, the 5-acre property known as Kashaga Lodge was one of only a handful of lakeside "resorts" on Haliburton County's largest lake. The beach was lined with about a dozen tiny cabins, and one community washroom with showers. A little bit back from the beach was the two-story dance-hall / banquet room with 10 inn rooms and a shared bathroom on the upper floor. Tourists from the city, arriving at the Haliburton train station had a choice of renting a canoe, walking, or taking the lodge's "shuttle car" to make the 2 1/2 mile trip to the lodge.

Over the decades, transportation and lifestyles, as well as everything else, (including the tourism industry,) has changed completely. And Kashaga Lodge is one of the few tourist accommodators in the Haliburton village area that hasn't been absorbed by the condo phenomenon.

In fact, Kashaga Lodge Cottages includes perhaps the most diverse range of affordable non-condo tourist accommodation in Haliburton County.

Perhaps Kashaga Lodge's most popular year-round tourist accommodation units are the 6-bedroom and the 2-bedroom housekeeping cottages. These two cottages share the same 2 acre property. The 6-bedroom cottage is just 70 ft from the beach and dock. The 2-bdrm cottage is situated quite privately on the same property, 175 ft from the beach. Both cottages share usage of the beach and dock, and are fully-self-contained housekeeping cottages.

For more specific information on the various accommodation options, click on one of the links below.

2 Bedroom Cottage

6 Bedroom Lakeside Cottage