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The Haliburton Highlands is a reknowned tourist destination featuring a marvelous mix of natural attractions. Most of the highlands consists of remote crown land interspersed with a handful of small towns and villages. Forests, lakes, rivers, streams, and rock outcroppings provide the opportunity for unparallelled outdoor experiences. Hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, ATVing, road cycling, not to mention automobile touring are some of the experiences that draw visitors to this unique part of the Canadian Shield from as far away as Europe and Asia.

The 50,000 acre Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Center attracts visitors from around the world to its incredible topography combined with a variety of nature programs that attract and amaze tourists year round. Besides its mountain biking trails and canoe routes, two of the Haliburton Forest's most unique attractions are the Wolf Centre, and the breathtaking "Walk in the Clouds" where visitors actually "hike" through the tree tops. Base camp in the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Centre is just a 25 min drive from Kashaga Lodge. For 2002, the forest will introduce an astronomy attraction wich will undoubtedly spellbind both young and old.

Algonquin Provincial Park shares all the same physical characteristics as its neighbouring Haliburton Highlands. Anyone who spends time in the area should not leave without spending at least a few hours at the Visitors Centre in the Park. The educational exhibits, and tours are highlighted by an awe-inspiring lookout over one of the most breathtaking vistas in all of Ontario.

The Minden Wild Water Preserve is a world class site for white water kayaking, and hosts OWWA compititions and clinics from spring right through fall. The Site is just a 15 min drive from Kashaga Lodge.

There are three golf courses and a driving range within 10 min of Kashaga Lodge, and two more courses within 20 min.