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The Shoreline



There is 300 ft of gradually sloping shoreline. The sand beach area is very shallow and is the most popular area during the summer for the smaller children and their parents. for the serious swimmers, a diving raft is anchored out from the dock in about 12 ft of water.


There's a 40 ft dock as well as plenty of room along the shore to beach a fishing boat, so guests are welcome to bring their own boats. There's no launching or docking fee. About two-thirds of the shoreline is left natual. It is not uncommon to see a heron strutting along the shoreline feeding on the abundant shorelife. Loons frequent the area, as well as different species of ducks. Indeed, fishing from the docks has proven as productive as just about anywhere in the bay.

In the spring and early summer, a family of otters can often be seen patrolling the bay, disappearing now and again and usually surfacing with a small fish in their mouth. this part of the shoreline is also a popular area for kids to explore. Schools of minnows dart about, and frogs challenge youngsters to try and catch them.

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