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The attached photo was taken in Sept, after three hours of morning jigging, mostly within about 300 yards of the lodge dock. The website http://www.fishontario.com is a really good resource for tips on walleye, bass, or musky fishing in Ontario.



Anyone who visits Haliburton County can't help but be struck by how the region is distinctly different from any other region of Ontario. Combined with the spectacular Canadian Shield topography, no other land mass south of hwy 17 includes such an abundance of pristine undeveloped lakes. And the 5-lake Lake Kashagawigamog chain is particularly splendid, and has a legendary reputation for bass, walleye, and especially muskie, angling.

During the summer of 2008, Kashaga Lodge hosted the Mega-City Bass Anglers' professional bass tournament, and this year, on the July 11 weekend, the lodge was the site of the Ontario Kayak Anglers Classic pro fishing tournament. Anybody who has ever landed a muskie in any kind of boat can probably visualize unhooking Mr. Teeth in your lap in a kayak.
Although Lake Kashagawigamog has about 35 kms of shoreline, Kashaga Bay at the very north end of the lake, has consistently offered some of the best angling in the County. In fact, it is not unusual to catch decent-sized fish from a paddleboat within 100 metres of the Kashaga Lodge dock.
The lodge has two motorboats for fishing for rent, as well as a fully-rigged fishing kayak. Larger boats, such as pontoon boats or skiboats can be rented from Roberts Marina (705-457-1473), just two km up the shoreline from the cottages. Also guests are encouraged to bring their own boats. There is no fee for launching from the property or for mooring your own boat at the lodge's dock.

During the winter of 2010, Kashaga Lodge operated the lake's only ice hut rental operation. As usual, the walleye bite was light during mid-winter, but early season hardwater walleye was the best ever.

The sport of recreational kayaking is presently experiencing unprecedented growth in popularity. Reasons include the relative ease to learn to paddle, the minimal financial outlay required, the fitness aspect of participating, and certainly society’s growing emphasis on environmentally friendly, non-intrusive pastimes. Many are finding that what started as a pastime often turns into a passion.
Needless to say, sport fishing also is a huge recreation / industry in the province of Ontario.
Put these two immensely popular pastimes together, and it should be no surprise that the sport of fishing from a kayak is exploding in popularity amongst outdoorspeople in this province of 250,000 lakes.

On the weekend of July 11, 2009, the NOMAD ADVENTURE COMPANY organized Ontario’s first annual Ontario Kayak Fishing Classic. Industry sponsors jumped all over this tournament, drawing both professional and amateur yak fishers from Windsor to Ottawa, Quebec, and everywhere in between. Two high-end kayaks, each fully-rigged for angling, were won at the tournament, along with tons of fishing and yakking gear provided by almost every manufacturer and dealer in Central Ontario. Kashaga Lodge was selected to host this unique, and highly successful, tournament, and plans are already underway for next year’s event. Meanwhile, Kashaga Lodge has acquired a top-of-the-line fishing kayak rigged with electronic fishfinder and other fishing accessories. This kayak is available to rent to responsible anglers who are interested in introducing themselves to this fast-growing sport.

For More info about the sport in general, or for tips on how to rig your own kayak, contact Jeff at: info@nomadac.com or visit the website: http://www.nomadac.com/home .